About us

ABR Reclamation are suppliers to the construction industry offering a full range of reclaimed building materials, to include, brick, roof tiles and fittings, roofing slate, flag stone, pavers and timber, etc.

Distributing throughout the construction industry nationwide, ABR Reclamation have become synonymous within the reclaim material industry and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a varied and diverse range of recycled and sustainable materials.

Our complete range of brick, roof tiles and slate are supplied palletised  and shrink wrapped which allows for ease of handling in site or at your stock yard. The materials are sourced through demolition and roofing contracts and quality control is monitored by roof tile strippers, brick dressers and on-site management so guaranteeing quality and consistency.

If your require a supplier of reclaim materials who can give you the right product, the right service and the right price, then look no further.


Andy Barker